Putting together our expertise in information technology and ecommerce development, we help retail companies, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers drive their customers’ satisfaction, boost sales and expand their audiences. We aim at making ecommerce solutions technically impeccable and catchy to let your company stand out in the ecommerce market.

Magento is a big advantage when it comes to e-commerce if your website’s retail business is struggling to control costs because Magento is an open-source solution used for e-commerce applications. Yes, the big retail websites do use this system which was formerly owned by the Varien company but if you are a small player trying to compete against the big boys then every cent you save counts in the long run. Because of this even major auction site eBay recognizes the usefulness of being associated with Magento. There is more to e-commerce than just boring financial data that make your eyes glaze over. A website devoted to e-commerce wants to know what its customers are thinking and Magento can do that through its Magento Mobile service. With Magento Mobile, your business will be able to develop your own apps that can work for hand in glove with your online retail operations. So what does that mean? It means these native apps can help your customers gain a better online e-commerce experience while you get more data on what customers are buying and what are being ignored. You can create retail business apps that will run on Android gadgets as well as iPads and iPhones. This is a big advantage if you want to shave off losing products and stick to products that you know your customers are willing to pay for. With Magento Mobile service, your new apps may help your retail business become a well-known and well-loved retail brand. Developing a stable brand is how retailers survive a cut-throat e-commerce world so the retailer with the strongest brand recall in the minds of customers is usually the one who will win.

The main reason PrestaShop can be an attractive e-commerce business solution is that it is an open-source system. If you are an online business owner, you naturally want to get a business solution that is priced as low as possible so that your overhead does not overwhelm you. With an open-source solution like PrestaShop, you need not pay anything to get it which is a good especially if every cent saved counts.
If you are currently using some other e-commerce solution but are interested to try PrestaShop, you can always migrate easily to PrestaShop (as many other e-commerce merchants have done before you). The nice thing about migrating is that your valuable customer and sales data will remain intact until you have completed the transition. Data such as customers, catalog content, orders, payments, shipping details, preferences and business statistics will all be moved to PrestaShop without any data being lost along the way. No matter what e-commerce solution you are currently using your new PrestaShop store will be able to accommodate your business information.
One advantage with moving to PrestaShop is that you gain simplified back office solutions along with a slew of new functions. We all know that your back office transactions are just as valuable as your front office activities so ideally, both will be managed well with your current e-commerce solution. If you’re not happy with how your back office is being managed right now, you can always shift to PrestaShop to get a better experience.

Cs-Cart is called a Shopping Cart Solution rather than simply an e-commerce solution because the aim of the Cs-Cart engineers is to promote the customer shopping experience. Thus, by calling it a shopping cart solution Cs-Cart engineers want your business to become known for having the right products and services to sell that customers really want. Cs-Cart is offered as an open-source code system meaning you have the added freedom of customizing the source code as your business requires if that is what you require.
One of the key benefits of signing up with Cs-Cart is that you get updated and correct shipping information via the manual shipping features of its shopping cart software. Cs-Cart can be used with real-time information from trustworthy carriers including DHL, Australia Post, Canada Post, USPS, and FedEx. This way you minimize customer complaints about lost shipments or inaccurate shipping quotes which translate to more customer satisfaction.
At the same time, you can also control the flow of and access to sensitive information within your own e-commerce business. You want some employees left out of the loop? No problem, this is doable. Want to limit access to data that only you should see? Yes, this too is possible with the Cs-Cart software. For security purposes, you will require a server adjusted for SSL and that has the right certificate installed on it.
Despite this emphasis on accuracy of data and sticking to the right security features, Cs-Cart will allow you to get great SEO benefits such as developing dynamic URLs based on static URLs. You also have the option of putting keywords and meta tags within your online store pages. This will help your customers gain word about your company and anything you want to sell to the public.

Virtuemart is an e-commerce solution available as an open-source system for interested online users. However, what you may not have known is that it is actually meant to be used with the Joomla! Content Management System. The two are meant to be used together because they are both based on PHP programming which makes them adaptable for use within a PHP/MySQL Environment. Virtuemart’s other claim to fame is that more e-commerce websites rely on it compared to popular e-commerce solutions like OpenCart, PrestaShop, an osCommerce.
Virtuemart itself has over 500 features that may make your online business stronger and more active by helping you generate more sales. Virtuemart offers modules, templates, components and plugins that you can use for your Virtuemart shop. Because Virtuemart works for the hand in glove with Joomla! you may use the Joomla! plugins for coupons, payments, shipments, computing procedures, and even custom product fields.
Virtuemart will accommodate your SEO requirements by supplying necessary meta tags, nested categories and offer the right description plus multiple media. Product descriptions can be short or long and will give the correct size and weight dimensions of the product being sold. Related products will also be offered as well as ratings and reviews that may influence the buying decision of your customers. Naturally, pricing is a very important consideration for your shopping audience so that too is provided with pricing, price display, payments, and shipments based on shopper groups. Interestingly, Virtuemart can help you compute the right payment based on the currency your customer prefers to use.
Virtuemart can help you monitor stocking or inventory, alert you when stocks are running low, and even give data about the virtual stock (which are products that were ordered but remain with you because the customer did not buy them).

When you opt to use a BigCommerce Store, you gain some features that will help you in the e-commerce world. For example, your online store will look attractive to any demographic because BigCommerce offers a range of store themes that you can choose between and HTML/CSS based interface that you can customize as you wish. BigCommerce can make your e-commerce marketing campaign stronger by offering you necessary marketing tools (such as newsletters, coupons and promo campaigns). Because your store will be designed at the start for better search engine rankings, you may be pleased to find that you do get higher rankings after the switch to BigCommerce. Another great aspect is that you will not have to pay for hidden fees even as you are given access to multiple features that will help in e-commerce.
With the BigCommerce system, you can literally sell anything you wish through your online store but still be able to raise sales to the right target market. You can choose the right business plan for your e-commerce needs, ranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum to Diamond. Each plan will charge you a monthly fee. Take note that there are no transaction fees that will give you a nasty surprise plus you can always check out the service for a free trial period of 15 days. When you do decide to make the big switch to BigCommerce, be sure to have the right credit cards ready to pay for your plan (acceptable cards are JCB, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa). You won’t need to sign a contract because you are only charged for the month – this gives you the freedom to terminate the service at any time you wish.


Putting together our expertise in information technology and ecommerce development, we help retail companies, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers drive their customers’ satisfaction, boost sales and expand their audiences. We aim at making ecommerce solutions technically impeccable and catchy to let your company stand out in the ecommerce market.
We deliver device-agnostic web stores, coupon and drop shipping websites to ensure a consistent positive buying experience for your customers at any location.
We help ecommerce businesses broaden their trading experience through online auctions and bidding portals.
We implement multi-lingual and multi-currency marketplaces as an optimal medium for an interrupted collaboration between various sellers and their clients.
If you are looking for a solution that will bring together multiple vendors and consolidate their offerings under the same hood, we are ready to provide our assistance.
We create feature-rich B2B portals to unite all the trading stakeholders, such as suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and their subsidiaries, within a centralized hub.
As part of ecommerce development services, we design and implement complex solutions to make booking and ticketing activities comfortable and transparent for customers from all over the world.


Iflexion helps ecommerce businesses succeed in their daily operation by empowering it with fully functional custom systems and ecommerce modules. By creating an integrated ecommerce environment, we give you a permanent control over your ecommerce processes.

Logistics Management
Routing and trip management, tracking systems, cargo operations, container management, fuel management, vehicle inspection.
Inventory and Shipment Management
Barcoding, ordering, picking, packing and shipping, inventory forecasting and replenishment, lot control.
Payment Solutions and Tools
Payment gateways and portals, POS systems, e-wallets, payment security and compliance.
Marketing and Sales Management
CRM systems, call-centers, multichannel marketing campaigns, customer analytics and reporting.
Warehouse Management
Warehouse operations, SKUs management, labor management, yard and dock management, warehouse and stock optimization.
Ecommerce ERP
Complex ecommerce workflows, supply chain management, pricing management, project management, human resource management.
Product Information Management (PIM)
Product categorization and cataloging, product comparison, product lifecycle management and traceability.
Corporate Billing and Accounting
Invoicing, expenses, estimates, assets, taxes, payrolls, bank transactions, accounting reports.



Thanks to the development of the prototype, as well as a detailed technical task, the client will receive exactly the project that he wanted. Before starting work, the client is shown sketches of the site. Only if you liked the layouts, a prepayment is taken from the client and work begins. The cost of these layouts is already included in the cost of developing the site and the client does not pay for them separately. The client can visit his site at any time of the day and see at what stage his project is. The domain is also included in the project cost and the customer does not need to pay for it separately. The client makes the bulk of the payment at the end, when the project is completely ready.

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