About us

FirstFive provides outstaffing R&D management and business development services while taking into account the value of collaboration across multiple vectors such as culture, methodology, work ethics as well as employing the best business practices.

Over the last 6 years we have been assisting startups and established companies in launching or extending their software applications with our business development/sales teams, Developers and staff.

The success of our clients is ensured by our top tier team, combined with agile business management allowing quality results to be delivered on time.
We specialize in guaranteed results for a wide range of outstaffing projects.

Within the sphere of IT Development, we created a bridge between the technical and business development communication, from small development up to 4 devs, to the large scale projects with over 100 devs.



Understanding your needs and outline a vision for success



Budget outline with milestone for completed work within agreed scope



Feeling Up your API
and Talking with the
Project Manager
Finalizing all Technical



2 way sync universally
between the technical
and client sides

Why are we the Best Choice?

Our expert recruiters possess detailed knowledge of your needs and technical aspects of hiring; from your vision to getting the best specialists for your needs by being equipped with the latest technologies and agile skills.We deliver you the developers that are tailored to fit your needs.

We follow a unique process to ensure the best quality and the always needed PRICE PER VALUE target. We are dedicated to ensuring every candidate is scanned through thoroughly. Covering all the different kinds of testing, they give a final ‘OK’ before the final interview and hiring.


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Our team

Joe Egro


Tetiana Bogdanova

Head Recruiter

Alice Kobzeva

People Partner

David Martin


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Sagsaganskogo 119, Kyiv, Ukraine


+38 096 1882003