Outstaffing in 5 basic steps

Why Outstaffing?

The success of our clients is ensured by our top tier team, combined with agile business management allowing quality results to be delivered on time.
We specialize in guaranteed results for a wide range of outstaffing projects.

Besides, the number of IT specialists is rapidly rising, while the size of compensation remains on the same level, which is much lower than what a local employed staff member would demand. Hence, it is worth your while to explore all the advantages currently offered by the Ukrainian IT market. 


Vast talent pool with
the right technical
skills, with a strong
reputation of quality


Convenient Time


High Level of


Easy Communicating

Why outstaffing in Ukraine?

Outstaffing in Ukraine is acost efficient way to develop a team for your project or augmenting an existing inhouse team.

Outstaffing requires significantly less investment than employing in-house developers, it is very similar to employing a contractor, a model that many businesses already use with temporary staffing agencies.

It can be done fast without stressful interviews, additional HR costs, and the stress of convincing candidates to join your company. Outstaffing allows you to utilize top notch talent at affordable rates.

It is cheaper to bring in a Ukrainian specialist with extensive experience than to take on the salary and costs associated with employing locally in the United States or other western countries.

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